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In these extraordinary times, Cedars staff are working diligently to ensure individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the resources to lead

creative, productive, joyous, and healthy lives.

Your support today makes this possible.

Residential Services


Cedars residential programs are now operating 24/7, providing safe and supportive environments for 100 residents at our ten group homes and Ross Residence.


Your support provides important resources – which now includes additional staffing, an increased number of meals, sanitizing supplies, and new technology to keep residents connected to their day program instructors, friends, and family.

Charlie 60 circle .jpg

Charlie getting some exercise outside!


Day Programs


As we all practice physical distancing, Cedars three day programs continue to connect individuals with the best expression of themselves, with new creative outlets and at-home activities.


Your donation supports these programs, and the resources they need to respond creatively to these changes, such as: delivering art, gardening, and sewing kits to participants in their homes, creating virtual learning to continue instruction and maintain community, and regular calls for project discussions and emotional support.

Armed with art supplies, Julie has been creating new art from home!

Health & Wellness Department


Cedars Health and Wellness Department is essential for our safety now more than ever, as they lead preventative measures, protocols and training for staff around the ever-changing responses to COVID-19, as well as facilitate video doctor appointments and oversee uninterrupted medications for all Cedars residents.


Your support fuels this critical work, as this unique department is funded entirely by donations like yours. It also provides protective equipment for staff and participants, including masks, sanitizers, and thermometers, in addition to learning resources with tips for  staying healthy.

Cynthia and Andrew out wearing their masks


Please donate today to help provide essential and extraordinary services for individuals at Cedars!

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