Cedars Day Programs

Cedars is known for its life affirming and caring environment in which personal accomplishments are celebrated and individual skills are recognized. Participants have a variety of opportunities to earn income and to explore their unique talents and interests. 

Participants in Community Connections build on their strengths and create a sense of meaning and accomplishment through participation in a variety of volunteer opportunities across Marin County.  

This program has been recognized and honored for its volunteer commitment and service to the local community.

Artists in the Cedars Fine Art Studios program explore their creativity in fine art, expressive arts, music and jewelry making. Participants here are working artists. They create gallery-ready portfolios for exhibitions and juried shows throughout California.

Situated on a 22 acre ranch in San Rafael, CA, Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative is home to our textile arts program, animal care, garden and art programs. Music and senior programs are also here in a beautiful natural environment.

Since 1919, Cedars has been inspiring individuals with developmental disabilities to lead creative, productive, and joyous lives.

Cheryl White

Associate Executive Director

Tel: (415) 526-1352

email: cheryl@cedarslife.org

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Jeanne Lipson

Director of Development

Tel: (415) 526-1354

email: jeanne@cedarslife.org

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