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10,000 Hours
Online Art Exhibition
Opens September 4, 2020
What do the Beatles, Bill Gates and these Cedars artists all have in common? 10,000 hours of dedication to their work! It is said it takes 10,000 hours of effort to master a craft, and Cedars’ artists are the very definition of such devotion. Our latest online art show features the spirited and diverse artwork of veteran artists Glenna Cooper, Jean Coury, Jennifer Hall, Tony Hyde, Elliot Jung, and Tim Shepp,

The Magical Vase

Glenna Cooper

Cedars is thrilled to announce our first online art exhibition:
Roller Coaster
July 17 - October 20, 2020


Featuring art made by our dedicated, resilient artists in their own homes or Cedars residences, with the remote encouragement and assistance of Cedars staff. Roller Coaster captures the spirit, courage and imagination of our Cedars artists during their shelter in place. These unexpected times have led us to find creative approaches and valiant expressions as these artists navigate life’s new dips and dives. 

Join us for Roller Coaster, and take a thrilling ride to soar with us on our inaugural online art exhibition.

Machine art by Elias Herdocia
claudia tennyson - eliasherdociaMachine1

Since 1919, Cedars has been inspiring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead creative, productive, and joyous lives.

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