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Meet Julie

Julie has been an artist at Cedars for 8 years – and it shows! Her art reflects her gentle, thoughtful nature and her talent extends across many mediums. In addition to her drawings, Julie has discovered a gift for making sculptural objects. Using a variety of materials such as reeds and sticks, she makes structures she calls “Dream Catchers.”

Julie Corry The Summer of Happy Flowers
Usually, Julie creates her artwork at Cedars Fine Art Studios as well as Cedars studio at Art Works Downtown, surrounded by fellow artists and with professional materials. But due to the California “Shelter in Place” order, she has been working on these pieces at home, using art supplies dropped off by Cedars staff as well as sticks and items she picks up on her walks around her neighborhood. She receives regular support and instruction through video sessions with Cedars art instructors. Her artwork has been a way for her to process and express her feelings during this global crisis. 
Like all of us, Julie misses seeing her family, friends, and as she calls it, her “third family” at Cedars. But Julie has found comfort and community through engaging in social media with her coworkers and staff – by sharing stories, taking video classes, and posting progress on her latest art pieces. 

Your donation provides essential services for nearly 200 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Cedars, including resources for Cedars three day programs to respond creatively to these changes, such as: delivering art, gardening, and sewing kits to participants in their homes, creating virtual learning to continue instruction and maintain community, and regular calls for project discussions and emotional support.

At Cedars, we show up.

This means adapting to changing needs, often times in unexpected ways; all the while working to continuously connect individuals with the best expression of themselves.

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