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Meet Charlie

8 years ago, Charlie moved into Cedars and immediately felt at home. 

With his days spent creating artwork at Cedars Fine Art Studios and caring for the angora rabbits at Textile Arts Collaborative - all the while cracking jokes with friends - Charlie enjoys a regular routine where he knows what to expect each day. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted daily life for us all, including the 100 residents who live at Cedars group homes and Ross Residences. Despite the many uncertainties surrounding this crisis, one constant is that Cedars shows up.

During the shelter in place order, a safe and secure home is more important now than ever.


Cedars residential program is now operating around the clock to provide a supportive, loving environment for Charlie and all out residents, who cannot get our to their regular days. 


Cedars residential staff have taken on new roles and responsibilities to inspire creative, productive, and joyous lives in new ways. For Charlie and his housemates, this has meant turning their driveway into a bowling alley, their kitchen table into an art studio, their neighborhood into an outdoor gym. 



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With your support, Cedars is providing what we all need right now -- good health, a safe home, and a daily does of happiness.


In these extraordinary times, please support Charlie and others like him by donating today.

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