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Meet Nancy

Hint; you might find her at the firehouse.

A resident at Cedars since 1957, Nancy has been a staple of her community for more than half a century. She spends her mornings volunteering at local organizations through Cedars Community Connections program, and her afternoons in San Anselmo, visiting and doing a little work for some businesses downtown. She always stops by the Ross Valley Fire Department to visit with the firefighters – some of her closest friends. She is especially close with Fire Captain Todd Standfield, who notes:

“Nancy Stanfill has long been a fixture of the Ross Valley Fire Department.  She began her visits as a child and now in her sixties she has come to know and befriend generations of firefighters, and her presence has outlasted seven different fire chiefs to date. Nancy has brought us gifts, laughs, phrases that have become part of our firehouse language.  Her gentle approach to life has been comforting to us and has helped us through our more stressful days and challenging times.  She has learned our routines, will ask how many accidents we had that day, she helps with our station chores and always lets us know when she’ll be back again.  Nancy has been a person that has impacted the culture of our fire department.  We are more open to all people, we are more patient, we are more accommodating.  She will always stand out as one of the people who has impacted me and my career as a firefighter.”

That's the beauty of Cedars. Cedars residential and day programs are designed to support people like Nancy in making meaningful connections to their communities, and in leading creative, productive, and joyous lives. ​


Nancy with Captain Todd Standfield & Ben Hebertson at The Ross Valley Firehouse, San Anselmo

Please donate today, and support Nancy and the almost 200 other Cedars participants in living their best creative, productive and joyous lives!


A generous donor who also understands the transformative power of life at Cedars will match your gift up to $100,000 in honor of our 100 year anniversary. Every dollar you give has double the impact!  

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