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Meet Sara

Cedars changes lives.

Lives like Sara's who, before arriving at Cedars, attended a program where she was isolated and uninspired. Sara's mother Jeanne shared that Sara has been transformed by life at Cedars -  

"She is in the safest, healthiest, most loving environment that I can imagine."


Today, Sara is a member of Cedars Hands & Earth Co-op, she cooks healthy vegetarian lunches, she cares for animals, and is a hardworking member of the gardening crew. Her days are filled with creative outlets including dancing, acting, and art classes. Sara lives at Cedars Generoso Pope, Jr. Campus in Ross, where she has ample opportunities to socialize with her friends and go out to local events around the Bay Area. As an active member in Cedars Best Buddies chapter, Sara has fostered deep connections with students at Branson High School, and the partnership was awarded the Game Changer in Friendship Award in 2017. At Cedars, every day is a new opportunity - now, Sara's life is wide open. 



Sara with her friend Shermae.

We're able to inspire creative, productive, and joyous lives for the individuals at Cedars because of your help. 


Please support Sara and others like her as we move into our 100th year of caring.

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