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Residential Services

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Cedars residential programs are operating around the clock to provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment for our residents.

Your donation will have double the impact thanks to a $100,000 matching gift! 


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During this challenging year, each room at Walter House - one of Cedars 10 Group Homes - has been reimagined to support a full life for residents. Your donation today supports transformations like...


The kitchen table has become Cynthia’s art studio...


...where the only thing that brightens the room more than her artwork is her beaming smile as she shows off her latest piece.

Her favorite subjects are flowers, singers, animals and anything Disney. With the support of in-home day program staff, Cynthia fills her days with painting, drawing, gardening, cooking, and more.  

Gill and Gina have turned the living room into a gym...

...with regular Zoom exercise classes to be active and healthy.


The importance of exercise, nutritious eating, and other health promotion activities has proven all the more important these days. Gill and Gina stay active with regular exercises, helping with cooking, and having fun through creative activities.  


Gill, Gina, and all other residents at Cedars receive support from Cedars Health and Wellness Department, which coordinates medical appointments, advocates for participant's health, and is keeping participants and staff as healthy as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unique department is funded entirely by donations like yours. 


Anastasia's weaving workspace is a portable tabletop loom...


...adorned with her latest textile to be sold at Artist Within — A Cedars Gallery. She is always thrilled to receive a paycheck when her textiles are sold.


Anastasia is a talented weaver, using beautiful color combinations in woven placemats, table-runners, tea towels and more. Although she is used to using large wolf pup looms at Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative, she has continued her craft on portable tabletop looms to turn any room into a weaving studio. 

Edwin creates joyful drum beats from his favorite armchair...


..during his virtual music sessions. Edwin channels emotions and energy into each beat of his drums. When Cedars Community Connections program started a weekly drum circle several years ago, Edwin was a natural! He's happy to keep up with this fun outlet from instruction over Zoom. 


Andrew finds peace through online church services...


A talented musician, Andrew used to sing in his local church choir every Sunday. Now he attends virtual church services to stay connected to his faith and his friends. 

Much to the delight of his housemates and staff, Andrew plays the piano at Walter House beautifully. He has also worked on several large, colorful canvas paintings -- and sold one of his latest masterpieces! 

Thank you for your gift, which provides essential and exceptional services to reimagine creative, productive, joyous and healthy lives. 

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