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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reinvented how we support people with developmental disabilities at Cedars. We are continuing to provide essential and exceptional services while keeping the health and safety of Cedars participants and staff at the forefront of all we do. This year, how we provide services has changed, but why we do this work has remained the same. 

Cedars residential programs have implemented a variety of safety protocols to keep everyone safe and reimagined ways to keep individuals fully engaged while continuing to provide a supportive, loving environment for our residents. This includes the development of an online community with activities reflecting the same joyful experience that Cedars clients enjoy in person. Though programs have reopened we will continue to provide some of residents’ favorite activities such as online concerts and movie nights.


When on-site day programs had to close, Cedars day program staff reimagined programs and developed new daily enriching activities to spark creativity and joy — through online and community-based classes, delivery kits, and in-home programs. Now that the day programs have reopened, a new set of safety protocols are in place to ensure that Cedars participants remain healthy while they joyfully return to in-person activities at Fine Art Studios, TAC or Community Connections.

Cedars Health and Wellness Department, which is entirely donor funded, is more important than ever. They continue to create and implement extensive safety protocols and collaborate with the Marin County Health Department to make sure Cedars has all the most updated information, which is still shifting and changing even through the county’s reopening. Cedars comprehensive safety procedures have saved lives over the past year and will continue to be of critical importance moving forward.

During Cedars slow and careful re-opening, we are continuing to prioritize health and safety, while incorporating our lessons learned and new skills wherever possible as we transition forward.


Regular email updates are being sent out to family members by Cedars Executive Director, Chuck Greene. If you are not currently receiving these updates and would like to, please contact Past updates can also be found in the CFA Portal.

We are grateful for your help as we continue to come together in our shared mission of inspiring creative, productive, joyous and healthy lives for individuals with developmental disabilities. Your support is appreciated now more than ever.

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