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Client Advisory Council 

Cedars Client Advisory Council (CAC) was established in 2021 and is made up of representatives from each program. Members discuss topics that are important to Cedars clients and work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that the clients’ voices and preferences are prioritized in our work. 


Mariana Abballo

  • "I enjoy being able to be a representative for my fellow peers at Fine Art Studios and going to Board meetings. I like finding solutions to any problems that we have at Cedars." 

  • Jewelry designer and watercolorist for 7 years at Cedars. 

  • Representative for Cedars Fine Art Studios 


Angela Perry

  • "I love being on the Client Advisory Council and talking with people from different programs. I liked learning to write speeches and how to interview other participants." 

  • Gardener, landscaper, animal caretaker, beekeeper, and felting artist,15 years at Cedars.  

  • Representative for Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative 


Shermae Randle

  • "Being on the advisory council is fun! You get to be in meetings with the staff. I like talking to the Board about what we need to have done at Cedars and what we like to do. "

  • Weaver, gardener, animal caretaker, co-op member, and group home resident for 5 years at Cedars. 

  • Representative for Cedars Group Homes 


Mike McDermott

  • “I enjoy being part of the client Advisory Council. I am very happy to be a representative for my peers, it makes me see myself as a leader and I am very happy.”

  • Resident at Cedars for 16 years  

  • Representative for Cedars Ross Residences


Zoe Epstein

  • “I like using my skills in a different way. It’s cool having a leadership role and hopefully we’ll be able to make a difference for all the Cedars clients.” 

  • Volunteer at the San Rafael JCC, Artist at Cedars Fine Art Studios, and Horseback-Rider at Giant Steps. Resident and day program participant for 1 year. 

  • Representative for Cedars Community Connections 

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