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Residential Programs

The focus of the Cedars Residential Program is to provide an active, safe, healthy, and supportive environment for the individuals at Cedars, whether they reside in the Generoso Pope, Jr. Ross Residences or in a Cedars group home. Helping residents to lead a life built on their preferences and strengths is a core value at Cedars. If you are interested in joining our Residential Program visit our Admissions page.


Finding the
Perfect Home

Cedars partners with families and residents to select the perfect residential option. A tremendous amount of care goes into helping residents choose where they will be happy and can be fully supported to live a happy and productive life. To meet a variety of needs, we offer a range of residential options in our Generoso Pope Jr. Ross Residences, as well as in eight community-based homes.


Support for
a Vibrant Life

Residents here enjoy a vibrant life. We are committed to providing a beautiful space where they can thrive, make friends, work, play, volunteer and enjoy life at home and in the local community. Each resident also has the added benefit of our Health and Wellness Department, which coordinates the health care for all Cedars residents.


Generoso Pope, Jr. Ross Residences

This beautifully remodeled residential setting is comprised of 4 unique group homes, that are home to 48 residents, each of whom has a beautiful single or shared room, some with a private bath and mini-kitchen. All four residences — Pope, Peterson, McIvor, and Collins — have a main kitchen, dining room, living room and facilities for computer access and entertainment. Common areas are well-used and well-loved, offering comfortable spaces to socialize and create lasting friendships.


Group Homes

Our residential homes are all located in beautiful, safe, neighborhoods in Novato, Marin County, California. They offer individuals a stable, secure, and fun-filled living environment that is tailored to help them reach their highest levels of independence. Our eight group homes offer individual space as well as the opportunity for residents to bond in a family style atmosphere. Personalized private bedrooms help give each resident the ability to have their own space while enjoying the warmth of the group home family. Each home has its own unique character and is occupied by up to six residents. Group home managers work hard to provide an exciting life filled with fun and adventure for the residents while supporting growth and independence in all areas of life.



Cedars supports residents in becoming active members of their communities through on-line dance parties, fitness and games plus we offer trips to places such as museums, the ballet, sporting events, and amusement parks.

Health Services Department

This fully donor-funded department at Cedars is responsible for overseeing the health and wellness for participants. They schedule doctor appointments, manage medications, and facilitate transportation to doctors' offices. Health Services Department also creates and directs vaccine clinics which serve the entire Cedars population, including staff and family members.

For more information about joining Cedars programs, please visit our admissions page.

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