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Cedars serves adults with developmental disabilities, starting (in most cases) at age 22 .


Admissions to Cedars programs includes an assessment process to determine if our services are a good fit for the individual.

When Cedars receives a referral or a request for services, a team of Cedars staff works to assess whether there is a match between the needs of the individual and the services available in Cedars programs.

This assessment process includes, but is not limited to, a review of a referral packet, personal meetings with families and individuals, and opportunities to visit Cedars programs for tours.

We often set up day and overnight visits to make sure that the fit is a good one for everyone. If it is determined that our services will meet your needs, we will work closely with families and new residents or day program participants to ensure a smooth transition.

Cedars offers a wide range of programs:


  • Cedars Fine Art Studios:  opportunities to develop skills as a professional artist in areas of jewelry making, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media projects;

  • Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative:  activities and paid income opportunities in a variety of areas including gardening/horticulture, animal husbandry and textile handcrafts;

  • Cedars Community Connections: opportunities to helps participants to build skills and enjoy a sense of meaning and purpose such as community volunteer work and social recreational activities;

  • Senior Program:  Older adults choose from a range of work opportunities, community-based activities, and volunteer projects as well as enjoy music and art projects.

  • Residential Programs: Cedars provides a variety of residential settings, which offer a rich array of supports to meet individual needs including the assistance of Cedars Health and Wellness  department.


Cedars programs are most often funded by the regional center and social security income.  Private pay arrangements can also be made.

Please review our FAQ, where you will find helpful information regarding Cedars.


If you’d like to discuss admissions in a Cedars residence or participation in a Cedars day program, please contact:

Cheryl White

Co-Executive Director

(415) 526-1352 or

In your email, please let us know about yourself and what programs and services you're interested in exploring.

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