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Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative

At Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative day program, participants decide how they want to earn income and are offered a range of work opportunities to choose from. Members in this collaborative are professional weavers, artists, and co-op members.


Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative is set on 22 acres of land overlooking San Anselmo. It includes a community garden, art barn studio space, upgraded kitchen, weaving studio and other buildings where programs take place.


Textile Arts

Our well-equipped studio contains a vast selection of table and floor looms, from simple table looms to 16 harness compu-dobby looms. Production weavers create custom designs, which they sell through Artist Within — A Cedars Gallery.

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Hands and Earth Co-op

Co-op members run their own business and maintain and expand our one-acre fruit and vegetable garden. Work is done year-round to grow seedlings, plant beds, harvest crops, and sell produce at our farm stand In Imagination Park San Anselmo. Co-op members also do landscape maintenance for private homes in gardening crews.​

Co-op members also create beautiful crafts that are for sale at our farm stand and our annual craft fair held in November. Please contact us for dates.

Hands & Earth Farmstand

Imagination Park, San Anselmo, CA

May to September
Wednesdays, 11am – 1pm


Healthy Eating

Participants of Hands and Earth Co-op work in our recently updated kitchen and prepare a healthy vegetarian lunch each day for everyone in the Cedars Textile Art Collaborative.

Animal Husbandry

Co-op members work with sheep, mohair goats, alpacas and angora rabbits. These animals provide natural fibers that are used in many areas of the program. Co-op members host school groups and teach them about natural fibers. Co-op members also tend beehives and spin and sell honey.

Barn Art Studio

In our Barn Art Studio, artists express their creativity in a range of mediums and art disciplines. Artists sell their work at Artist Within — a Cedars Gallery in San Anselmo.


Drama and Dance

Our drama group creates and produces original plays, which are sometimes loosely based on old classics but with a modern appeal. The drama group creates beautiful scenery, rehearses their plays, and puts on vibrant performances each season. 

Dancers practice weekly from spring to fall for performances on site at TAC throughout the summer months.  Each performance is unique with hand-made costumes and props.  Please see contact information below to inquire about performances and times. 

Senior Program

Retired individuals determine and plan their own activities on a daily basis. They may choose from a range of work opportunities, community-based activities, volunteer projects as well as music and art projects on site. The senior program is the only of its kind in the area!

For more information about joining Cedars programs, please visit our admissions page.

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