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I have been creative and artistic my entire life but only now taking it to the next level and showing more of myartwork at different venues. I have always been a part of the art world in some way including being a tour guide (aka Docent) for 18 years at the SFMOMA and for a short time at the SF Presidio : Andy Goldsworthy collection. I am currently spending most of my time on Mixed Media projects on thick wood panel. Each wood
panel is richly layered with paper and paint to include images that have been "revealed" or stripped awaycreating the feeling that my artworks are painted on plastered walls with torn wallpaper. I also sometimes add
small objects like buttons, shells, ribbon, jewelry, product tags, pieces of packaging, and/or some glitter and grind it down to add depth to each story. I like to tell a story in my artwork. My process begins with covering a wood panel with many layers of torn paper and image fragments and then
painting over everything. I let it dry and then I use an electric sander to peel away images and/or create texture. After that I allow what is revealed to determine what I will paint or fragment I will add next trying to not
to overthink it but rather let it reveal itself. I try very hard to let the process decide what the painting wants to

My art is inspired by well-known museum artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Sigmar Polke as well as contemporary artists such as Jamie Vasta and Mark Bradford. There are many fine artists like Jamie Vasta
that now use glitter in their artworks. And the concept of revealing and stripping away are not new as world- renown artists like Mark Bradford are taking this concept to new levels of sophistication.

Above all, I want the viewer to have their own experience and have it feel like it should be a part of their lives and warm their home.

A Taste of Honey Too

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