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Legacy Circle

Make the most lasting gift of all by remembering Cedars in your estate plans.

For over 100 years, Cedars has inspired individuals with developmental disabilities to reach for and achieve their dreams.  

Through membership in Cedars Legacy Circle, you will help secure a strong and vibrant future for Cedars for the next 100 years. Planned gifts sustain our mission, while benefiting you and your heirs and leaving a lasting legacy of philanthropy.  

To learn more about Cedars Legacy Circle, please contact Katie Ladouceur, Cedars Director of Development, at or 415.526.1354.

Ways to join the Legacy Circle

  • Bequests: You can make a bequest by simply naming Cedars in your will or trust. The gift may be for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Or, you can leave a specific asset, such as real estate, to Cedars.


  • Retirement Accounts:  You can name Cedars as the partial or sole beneficiary of your IRA, 401(K), 403(B) or other retirement assets. This can be a tax-efficient and simple method to avoid income and estate taxes. ​


  • Life Insurance:  By giving Cedars an existing policy or naming Cedars as the partial or sole beneficiary of your policy, you can make a gift that is significantly larger than your out-of-pocket cost. ​

  • You can make a gift through other tax-advantaged structures such as a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Gift Annuity. Your tax and estate planning professional can advise you on these more involved gift planning options. 

Please note that Cedars does not provide legal or tax advice. You’ll want to consult with your attorney and tax advisor to help you with your estate planning.  


I was inspired to join the Cedars’ legacy circle after seeing the tremendous effect that Cedars has on the lives of participants.  I was hooked after my first tour of Cedars’ programs and facilities, sincerely overwhelmed with the joy, love, artistic talent and happiness at every corner.  Cedars has my heart forever! "  
— Debra Stutsman, San Anselmo   

Take the Next Step! 

If you are ready to include Cedars in your plan, contact your legal advisor to get started. Here is the information you will need: 
1. Official Name:
The Cedars of Marin 
2. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 947, Ross, CA 94957 
3. Federal Tax ID number: 94-1606518 

If you have already included Cedars in your estate plans or intend to do so, please let us know so that we can thank you personally and welcome you to this special group of committed supporters. 

Complete a letter of Intent form and contact: 

Katie Ladouceur,, 415.526.1354 


“We joined the Legacy Circle to perpetuate Cedars in providing a wonderful life to those with developmental disabilities.”
​— Carla Greenwald, Cedars Parent

Legacy Circle Members 

The following individuals have thoughtfully joined the Legacy Circle, designating Cedars as a beneficiary in their estate planning: 

Anonymous Donors 

Douglas G. Adams Revocable Trust * 

Ruth Dwight Adams 

Jim Alpers Trust * 

Antrobus Charitable Remainder Trust * 

Barbie Bailard * 

Burton Barnes 

Mary and David Barter 

Carol and Martin Beebee 

Margaret, James, and Robert Brentano 

Jane Brown Butler 

Peter Cahill * 

Margaret and Joseph Caramucci 

Lexie and Scott Clifford

Katherine Coco 

Charles Collins and Family 

Lee Diane Collins Vest 
Deborah Ann Cooper 

Jane Crocker * 

Susan Crocker * 

Larry and Ramona Curtis 

Brenda Dahl and Robert Flatland 

Carrie and Michael Drilling 

Margaret Ellis 

Judy and Scott Erickson 

Constance Evans 

Dan Feshbach 

Jennifer Fowler 

Janet and Roger Freeburg 

Karyl-Ann and James Gargan 

Mary and Greg Gordon 

Gail and Chuck Greene 

Carla and Hank Greenwald 

Maha Hamdan and Andrew Davis   

Eloise A. and Edward A. Hootstein * 

Harold Hyde* 

Cathryn C. and Stuart T. Jenkins 

Connie Johnson * 

Suzanne Joy and Gary Johnson 

Elizabeth and Anthony Kjellgren 

Jeanne and Stuart Korn 

Katie Ladouceur 

Stu Leeb * 

Betty and Robert LeFevre 

Elliot Levin 

Jeanne and Michael Lipson 

Stannye and Peter Llewellyn 

Elizabeth and Steve McDermott 

Barbara McGrath * 

Brenda McIvor 

Renee and Beryl Mell 

Madeline Miller 

Martha Miller* 

Hester Nau 

Andree Owens Trust * 

Connie and Silsby Pelissero 

David Peterson 

Holly Peterson 

James Peterson 

Michael Peterson 

Peter G. Peterson * 

Patricia Randolph 

Elisabeth Reed 

Ina Chun and Jefferson Rice 

May Nanette Rice * 

Michele and Michael Ritter 

Anna and Mark Rosen 

Jane and Terry Ross 

Bernard and Ruth Roth 

Kathleen Ryan 

Helen and Fred Schwartz 

Stephen Shaw and Spencer Shaw 

Barbara Shell * 

Sue Sherer 

Margaret and Robert Sideroff 

Lidia P. Smith 

Debra and Richard Stutsman 

Corrine and George Trendle * 

Eleanor Vollmer* 

Vivian Walter Trust 

John and Barbara West 

Cheryl White 

Flora and Fred Wolf 

*  Posthumous. 

List does not include individuals whose estate gift was received prior to 2010.

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