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Creative, Productive, Joyous, and Healthy Lives!

Cedars has been inspiring creative, productive, joyous and healthy lives for individuals with developmental disabilities in Marin County for over 100 years. Cedars participants are artists, weavers, Co-op owners, chefs, bee-keepers, and community members. Your donation funds Cedars programs and services that support the health and happiness of

200 adults in Marin County.

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Donate today to make a meaningful difference at Cedars and help make the most of our $200,000 matching gift! 


Learn how easy it is to leave a legacy for Cedars and ensure a strong future for Cedars participants!  


Join us for our Small Art, Big HeART's exhibition on view through February 10 at 

Artist Within - A Cedars Gallery!

The health & safety of Cedars clients and staff remain at the the forefront of everything we do.
Click here to read about Cedars response to COVID-19 

Artist Within - A Cedars Gallery
603 San Anselmo Ave,
San Anselmo, Ca
Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm 
Sunday 11am - 5pm
Curbside pickup & delivery/shipping available

Cedars artists, hand weavers, jewelry designers and craftspeople show and sell their original work at the Artist Within - a Cedars Gallery in downtown San Anselmo.


Your purchases directly support these remarkable artists and Cedars programs and services.

See how the the original vision of the Cedars founders has evolved over the past 100 years and continues to inspire lives today. 

We are Cedars

Deborah was one of the original members of the Hands & Earth Co-op. She loves to paint, weave, and work at the Farmstand.  She always makes a sale when she is working - from produce to succulents, Deb will make sure you are happy (and that you don't leave empty-handed).

Kellie is an accomplished author,

artist and speaker who is a Cedars resident. Kellie has an intuitive sense of color and composition, using bold and bright colors and patterns. Her portraits are always of the people she loves the most. Her work emulates her love of life.

Gill loves mountains, Big Foot and UFO's. He admits to having a fear of heights.He is fascinated by the supernatural and the fight behind good and evil. Gill uses colored pencils, slowly building over deep layers of color. He loves to tell stories, usually from his vivid imagination.

PJ is the energizer bunny of the Hands & Earth Cooperative. Always busy, and never wants the day to end. He is very different from when he first came to Cedars. He'd work for a few minutes, then want to lay down. He also loves  working at the Farmstand in San Anselmo.

Glenna has been a creative force for her whole life. A self-taught multi media artist, Glenna has developed into an prolific painter and jewelry maker with an impressive portfolio since coming to Cedars. She loves the learning process that accompanies her artistic passions “I love expanding my brain.”

Trey is an active member of Cedars Hands & Earth Co-op. a gardener, and a beekeeper. The honey that Trey helps produce is sold at the seasonal farm stand in San Anselmo. 

John is longtime resident of Cedars and has found a new vocation in painting and drawing. John's calm demeanor comes through in his art and caring for the animals. John is well-known in San Anselmo for his friendliness and involvement in the community.

Nonie 'Princess" has worked in the culinary program since joining Cedars in 2013. She is a talented chef with great organizational skills and loves teaching her peers. Her energy is highly contagious! A goal of hers is to write a healthy cookbook.

Tanya is easy to spot in the weaving studio with her broad smile, always with a flower in her hair. Tanya is a master weaver - her pieces are beautiful,from tea-towels to beautiful blankets. Her incredible work is in high demand. 


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