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I draw almost daily, pulling from
direct experiences and interests. My
work often explores social issues of
our time. The overarching theme in
all my work is the human experience,
the beauty, and frustration with our
modern culture's most significant
matters, such as the environment,
injustice, feminism, poverty, mental
health, self-care, consumerism,
capitalism, and ignorance.

I have found the creative process of
making essential in understanding my purpose on this planet.
Making connects me to the deeper meanings in my life, often using
symbolic and metaphorical language to depict the different aspects of
mood, response, connection, and relationship. My rumination on daily
life has led me to a powerful unapologetic place in my artwork,
drawing from universal experiences that connect us all to humanity,
humility, and power. My work embodies the properties of folk art,
reflecting upon observations of living an ordinary life in our modern


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