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In the harmonious spirit of art and recycling, my work is a combination of the unexpected, created from materials wherever I find them. This way of collecting and working allows me the continuous creative adventure of seeking and finding, followed by the excitement of putting it all together. Robert Rauschenberg valued the “…inherent usefulness and dignity of all materials…” and I agree with him wholeheartedly as I create art from the discards of others.


In my art career, I have made Road Art—jewelry from discards—and Paper Quilts—quilt patterns glued and sewn with paper. I have also had a love affair with altered books, artists’ books, mosaic and many other forms of art which involve recycled materials fashioned into another form.


Kurt Schwitters said: “My palette is the waste basket of the world.” I like to think that my own work draws from the overlooked wealth of the world, both artistically and environmentally, as I rescue small bits of urban life, past and present, while practicing the ultimate art of recycling.


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