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Integrating collage and original text, Summer’s Promise is an accordian book celebrating summer and the opportunity it offers us every year to reclaim and affirm joy in our lives.


This perspective on summer came to me through the process of making the book. Traveling down a path of nostalgia and memory, I found myself wondering why, when summer is purportedly a time for friends and family and fun, does its arrival make me restless and yearning for something undefined? And why do I experience such sadness when recalling happy days from my childhood summers, both real and imagined?


Wonderfully, the process of creating Summer’s Promise brought me clarity about these questions, giving me a new vision for summer as well as my life. I realized that, while my summertime memories and feelings may be bittersweet, they serve a higher purpose.


Urging my spirit out of its shell, they remind me of Summer’s Promise: “That life’s potential for joy is always here, always available. Any season, any age, any moment.”

Summer's Promise

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